About Me

I’m passionate about health and fitness mostly because I struggle with eating veggies and I know it begins in my mind. I could tell you where I grew up, my resume and all of that stuff which you can see on my LinkedIn page, but my writings in this blog are inspired from my struggles in hopes to inspire others.

I’m not a certified health coach, but I had one for a year through LadyBoss and learned so much. I want to share with you things I’ve learned through that program. Also, if you want some serious 30 day one on one coaching please contact me. Fitness + Nutrition x Accountability = results.

If you struggle with anything, you are not alone. I lead a recovery group in Dallas called Re:Generation a Watermark Church. It is a life-changing year long program, but in order to have change you gotta stay dedicated, trust the process and surrender to habits, thoughts and choices that are stealing life from you. You can have freedom from addictions. Alcohol had a grip on my life for 15 years. The grip just grew tighter and tighter as I got older.

Here is a link to My ReGeneration Story

Contact me by messaging me and following me on any of my social media platforms or emailing me .

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